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About Us

Yes Us. Well it is just me, a 24 year old graphic design wonder, HTML emperor, Wordpress marvel, Website phenomenon, Computer wizard, Internet-Box fixer, break, fix, break-some-more-throw-a-fit.

But with all that, I may as well be an US.

I Graduated Swinburne University in 2011, registered my Australian Business Name and in 2013 made my first million. Kidding. From there it has been a journey of experience. Working with large companies and small, giant involved projects, touch up jobs and brand-spanking-new-look jobs. Each and every one of them exiting. For I love my job.

What sort of project do you have in mind? Even if you're only thinking, I can help you out with ideas, innovative, time saving, cost effective inspiration. I can help you start true from the get go, if you would like to.


'solipsism', 3D Animation

'Eric Gill', 2D Animation

'Kinetic Typography', 2D Animation

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